"MxClinic has been a great help. They know what there doing and have helped me with my body positioning. With the help of Jeff I'm becoming a better rider all the time"

-Kyle Kilmartin- 14 Gilroy, CA


"Thanks to MxClinic my 2 son and I have been able to transition from average trail riders to more confident mx riders and racers in no time at all.  Jeff and his staff create a great fun atmosphere to learn. Most of all,  I carefully watch and learn from Jeff how I can better influence my kids to improve their riding. He's amazing. I've been impressed that MxCliniic fouces as much on safety as they do speed. I have seen noticeable improvements in speed in my 9 year old whenever he attends the clinic. My boys have achieved confidence and racing success and do so safer today than ever before.

-Mike, Cameron, and Christopher Shenoy- San Jose, CA

"MxClinic was an awesome experience for me. MxClinic help me keep my outside elbow up and taught me how to position my body while entering and exiting ruts."

-Joseph Valdez- 14 San Jose, CA


"MxClinic helped me with my technique and form. All the different drills we did helped me keep the right body position. The people at MxClinic are very helpful. Thanks "

 -Trevor Raisbeck- 17 Hollister, CA


"MxClinic has given me a deeper understanding of how strong technique aids the development of skills and eventually creating confidence."

-Autumn Becerra - 17 San Jose, CA


"MxClinic has helped me mentally become a stronger rider. Also has helped me get on the gas sooner out of the corners and have better body positioning."

- Brandon Jones - 30 Turlock, CA


"Thanks MxClinic for helping me make the transition to my kx 65 with control. Also making sure i stand up."

-Miles Sterling - 10 San Jose, CA